Hydroelectric Power May be better than the Alternatives

I believe there is at least one more huge point to make that I don't think anyone has really centered their argument on. Hydroelectric power is essentially free energy from mother nature! Clean air, global warming, and foreign dependence on oil are all HUGE issues in our world and the series of hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River help in reducing these problems. Hydroelectric and wind power are the only economically viable 100% renewable energy sources currently available (solar power is still too expensive for most applications). Without these dams, PacifiCorp has considered a gas fired power plant to produce electricity. A gas fired plant would pump thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere each year, dirty our air, and eventually be useless as fossil fuel reserves WILL dry up sooner than any of us would like. The notion of paying money to destroy a 100% sustainable element of our region's infrastructure is outrageous. The overall benefits of the Klamath River dam system far outweigh the costs.

Thank You - Jon Barton

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