Letter to Copco 10-08

I recently took a trip to Klamath Glen to witness gil netting. I was sickened. They want dams removed to improve their fishery? For what? So they may sell more fish down town? What I want is for them to share in protecting our resources. Clean up their living conditions on their so called sacred land. While visiting I seen trash strewn up and down the river banks to include outboard motors with oil. Also a dead sea lion floating dead near the docks. Gil netting is non selective harvest of all gill fish, any fish with a gill hooked up in these nets is doomed to death. Taking out the dams will not help salmon now, too many years gone by, hatchery fish return to the hatchery, not swim on by looking for somewhere else to go. Native Americans use to ride horses everywhere what happened to that practice? How many fish to they eat compared to what they sell? What regulatory agency regulates their fishing practices? Do they have to buy fishing license and stamps and then standby and not be allowed to keep any salmon? Our government spawns discrimination. I guess the only way to get heard is to quit your job live on welfare or government subsidy and use that time to Rally, protest,and object. It just really makes me irate to think they can do a little dance and sing a little whoo Rah and poof it is sacred ground! How about if you have been on Welfare for more than a year we tear down the welfare line? That way more welfaroids can come and spawn for us. Funny how they don't like the government unless they have their hand out asking for cash aid, welfare, farm home loans, grants, scholarships. Why doesn't their tribe supply such aid? They have a cash cow in Casino's and fish sales. Alaska fish still florish today as they did over 50 years ago, why? Because they don't allow gil netting in their rivers.



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