Letter of comment 6-29-2010

I own property in Iron Gate Estates and have always loved the views I have of Iron Gate Lake. I received a "Notice of Public Scoping" and went to the web site. Reading about the water conditions and reduced fish population on the upper dams above Copco lake I find it interesting that facts show that poor water conditions starting at lower area of Lake Ewauna, Keno Dam and JC Boyle Dam (All in Oregon) are stated.

So if the reason to remove both Copco(s)and Iron Gate dams is to bring back the salmon population to the Klamath basin how do they expect the fish to survive the bad water conditions in Oregon? The Copco Dams were the 1st to be built (Almost 100 yrs) but somehow they are the considered to be along with Irongate the 1st to go. I say lets remove the Oregon dams, put fish ladders on Copco(s) and Irongate since they generate hydroelectricity "Green Power" and then see what happens.

Another issue I see is that now after almost 100 years there is a Lake fish population (Yellow Perch, Bass, ect...), a lake resort community (Local recreational/vacation businesses) that will all be devastated. With the economy being low in the area as elsewhere how do they justify the loss of business revenue?

-A Concerned Property Owner

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