five year photos

Every five years we take this photo on the deck railing at a cabin at Copco Lake
In 1982 five friends took a seemingly insignificant photo that became
a longstanding tradition about true friendship.
We call it the FIVE YEAR PHOTO.


We were on the NBC Today Show Tuesday August 14th 2012.
All Five of us Live From New York City

Here we are Live via Satellite on Australia 7 Sunrise

Reddit 2012
Yahoo 2012
Gawker 2012
Live on the Today Show 2012 Live on Sunrise Australia 2012 boredpanda 2017
  Relatively Interesting 2020  


John Dickson The Restaurant Guy

five year photo 1982
The Original Photo July 1982
five year photo 1992
July 1992
June 2017

For the 2022 photo please visit our official website

From left to right
John "Wedge" Wardlaw, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney, John "Bevles" Molony, John "JD" Dickson

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Watch us lose hair and gain forehead, Gain and lose and gain and lose weight.
There are reasons we all decided it was better to take the photo with our shirts on.


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