Copco Lake, Irongate and Boyle reservoir were drained in January of 2024. The water from Copco was drained rather quickly, a few days as opposed to the weeks that had been stated by the KRRC. The massive amount of silt caused the river to run black for days. It caused a massive fish die off of all species in the river. Though many species were non-native (Crappie, Yellow Perch) trout, suckerfish and eels (to name a few) were also killed in the deoxygenated sludge. Deer and other animals lost their lives simply trying to reach the water for a drink of water, drowning in the mud.

Timelapse of the draining of Copco Lake from the South Shore

The History of Copco Lake coming soon...

copco lake is 100 years old photo

Copco No. 1 in 1917 above and 2005 below.

panorama photo of Copco Lake Dam

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Copco Lake / Klamath River
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Image of John Wardlaw with camera


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